Concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Dr. Soleymani answers questions about symptoms, testing availability, cost, and precautions Avecina Medical is taking to protect patients and staff from exposure.

On Television

Brad and Johnny – Don’t Miss the Prom!

With a hurt wrist and a bad cough, Brad and Johnny are in danger of missing the prom. Thankfully, they don’t need an appointment to get treated in time by Avecina Medical!

Avecina Medical | Doctors & Clinics in Jacksonville

Avoid the cost and waiting time of the hospital. Instead, visit Avecina Medical for urgent care you can trust! No appointments are necessary at any of our three convenient locations.

Brad and Johnny – Hurt On the Job

After getting hurt on the job, Brad and Johnny find themselves in need of medical care. Luckily, Avecina Medical has extended hours and urgent care they can trust!

Walter and Bonny

Walter hurt himself on the job, and Bonny finds herself down sick. Thankfully, they don’t have to miss work when Avecina Medical is ready and waiting to get them back on their feet!

Flu Season

Jack’s family was hit by the flu, starting with his young daughter. It’s a good thing Avecina Medical was available to help her get healthy — because they offer urgent care you can trust!

Jack and Jill

From injury to illness, Jack and Jill know they can rely on Avecina Medical for urgent care they trust … and so can you!

In The News

Toxic BPA Chemical Found in Can Linings

Reportedly two of every three food cans have tested positive for a certain toxic chemical in the lining. See what Dr. Soleymani had to say about the issue on News4Jax.

Answering Questions About Medical Marijuana

Do you have questions about medical marijuana? Get all of the answers by watching the following interview with Dr. Soleymani on News4Jax. Avecina Medical provides consultations for medical marijuana.

Explaining the Benefits of Urgent Care on First Coast Living

“Immediate care” is often less immediate and more expensive than other alternatives. Avecina Medical, for instance, provides urgent care you can trust with less hassle than the hospital. Learn more by watching Dr. Soleymani’s interview on First Coast Living.

Prescription Problem: Discussing the Opiate Addiction

While the opiate crisis has affected people nationwide, it’s important to understand that there are options to help one overcome abuse and addiction. Learn more by watching Dr. Soleymani’s interview on First Coast Living.

Avecina Medical and Why It’s Unique

On this edition of First Coast Living, Dr. Soleymani discusses what makes Avecina Medical unique ⁠— from its affordable services to its welcoming environment.

“What Should I Know About Avecina Medical?”

On this edition of First Coast Living, Dr. Soleymani answers a variety of frequently asked questions about Avecina Medical and its services.

Dr. Soleymani Discusses the Flu and Treatments

Is it a cold or is it the flu? What do you do to prevent and treat the flu? Learn the answers to these questions and more by watching Dr. Soleymani’s interview on First Coast Living.

Fighting the Flu with Xofluza

Xofluza is the first new antiviral medication for the flu in two decades. What else should you know about it? Find out by watching Dr. Soleymani’s interview with News4Jax.

Introducing the Back to School Contest 2019

Do you have an incoming high school freshman who excels in the classroom? Then Dr. Soleymani has an opportunity for them that celebrates their academic accomplishments!

Jalen Ramsey Joins the Back to School Contest

Jacksonville Jaguars Cornerback Jalen Ramsey joined the Avecina Medical 2019 Back to School Contest to reward local winning students with a personal meet and greet.

Your Clothes Could Make You Sick

How can the chemicals lurking in your clothing, unbeknownst to you, affect your health? Dr. Soleymani explains on a segment with News4Jax.

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