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de Quervain tenosynovitis condition that causes pain in the thumb and wrist.  When tendons (strong bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones) get inflamed, it causes symptoms. Symptoms of de Quervain tenosynovitis include wrist swelling, pain in the wrist or thumb and difficulties holding objects. 

Most of the time, de Quervain tenosynovitis happens from overuse.  Usually it includes holding objects (tools, tennis racket or golf club) repeatedly. However, it can happen for no obvious reason.

de Quervain tenosynovitis is easily diagnosed on physical exam.  Treatment includes rest, ice (10-15 min on and off to avoid thermal injuries), pain relieving medications “NSAID’s” that include ibuprofen (brand names: Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (brand name: Aleve).  Physical therapy and exercises are helpful and important too.

If symptoms do not go away, injection of corticosteroids (medications for inflammation) into the affected area can be done. Surgery is reserved for severe or non-resolving de Quervain tenosynovitis.    


  • Laceration Repair (medical glue, sutures staples)
  • Wound Care
  • Superficial foreign body removal from the skin and ear canal
  • Ingrown toe treatment
  • Non-complicated burn treatment
  • Bronchodilator breathing treatment
  • Wound Care
  • Nsaids
  • Intravenous Fluids
  • Trigger point Injections
  • Injections for nausea and vomiting
  • Antibiotic injections
  • Tetanus diphtheria and pertussis vaccine
  • Hepatitus A vaccine
  • Influenza Vaccine

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