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Pink eye is used to describe eye infection. Medical professionals call it “conjunctivitis.” It can be caused by allergies, infection or irritation. People with “pink eye” have redness, itching, oozing of gooey liquid or their eyes stuck shut especially on awakening.

Infectious conjunctivitis is very contagious and easily transmittable to others by a simple touch or even through objects. Pink eye usually resolves without treatment. If it is caused by a virus, antibiotics do not help. Sometimes conjunctivitis can last for a week.

Contact wears need to consult with a physician because “corneal abrasion” or ulcer may be present and need to be addressed in a timely manner. Contacts may not be worn during treatment of an eye infection and disposables should be thrown away. Remember that hygiene is extremely important to prevent spreading infections. Wash hands frequently and avoid touching soiled objects.


  • Laceration Repair (medical glue, sutures staples)
  • Wound Care
  • Superficial foreign body removal from the skin and ear canal
  • Ingrown toe treatment
  • Non-complicated burn treatment
  • Bronchodilator breathing treatment
  • Wound Care
  • Nsaids
  • Intravenous
  • Trigger point Injections
  • large point injections
  • Injections for nausea and vomiting
  • Antibiotic injections
  • Tetanus diphtheria vaccine and pertussis vaccine
  • Hepatitus A vaccine
  • Influenza Vaccine

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